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EP Henry: 2016 Update

Last week, EP Henry hosted a Product Showcase and Open House at their Parker Ford, PA facility.  This was a great event, with some important updates for 2016.  In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

First, there will be no price increase on existing EP Henry products for 2016, and they’ve reduced pricing on Cast Stone Wall to be competitive with other premium wall systems.

Also, in 2016, EP Henry will expand the utilization of two key manufacturing technologies - the Colorist pigment blending system and their wet-cast production line - to produce or enhance the following products:

  • They’ve improved the Cast Stone Wall Line by creating a double-sided version, and adding two new colors, Adirondack and Breckenridge.
  • They’ve enhanced classic paver colors - Harvest, Autumn, Dakota and Pewter Blends - to be bolder and more vibrant, with enhanced blending.
  • They've created four rich new colors in the Bristol Stone product line: Mojave, Phoenix, Sedona and Sonoran. These colors utilize the unique blending capabilities of the Colorist System and incorporate white cement and higher pigment loadings.  These new blends will be priced with a modest upcharge.

Durafaced Coventry Aged Pavers: Effective immediately, EP Henry will convert their aged paver products to Durafaced pavers, rather than through-body color pavers.

Chiseled Stone Pavers: EP Henry has introduced a new large-format product, Chiseled Stone Pavers.  This new product features both negative and positive profiling on the surface, for a unique stone-like texture.

The Contractor Rewards Program is being discontinued in 2016.

Numerous products are being discontinued in 2016, including:

  • Bristol Stone in Forest Green, Ash Gray (replaced with Pewter Blend 16) and Fawn Blend (technically Fawn Blend is “special order”, but we’re considering it discontinued)
  • Coventry Bullnose
  • Coventry Brickstone, Brown
  • Coventry Cobble and Estate Cobble
  • Devonstone Tennyson (Sawcut remains available)
  • Brickstone in Red and Azalea
  • Octa Grande (again)
  • Symetry
  • Brisa Wall
  • Stonewall Select

What this means for you...

  • Enhanced Color Blends: The redesigned Autumn, Dakota, Harvest and Pewter Blends will be identified by the suffix “16” added to the Product name.  Unless otherwise specified, all orders placed will be of the new “16” blends.  It is NOT recommended to mix the new and old blends.
  • Original blends will be available while supplies last or by specific request.  Orders utilizing current Penn Stone stock of original blends will be discounted 20%.  Click here for a recent summary of available quantities of clearance pavers.
  • Durafaced Coventry I pavers: Similar to above, it is not recommended to mix Durafaced Coventry pavers with through-body Coventry pavers. Our current stock of these products will be discounted by 20% as part of our clearance on original color blends.
  • The upcharge for Premium Bristol Stone Colors will be approximately $.50, and will be featured on our 2016 Price List.
  • Pricing for Chiseled Stone Pavers will be comparable to Coventry Stone I, and will be featured on our 2016 Price List.
  • New, reduced pricing for Single Sided Cast-Stone Wall and pricing for Double-Sided Cast Stone Wall will be featured on our 2016 Price List.