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Three Trends in Fire Pits

As the weather gets cooler, you may want to enjoy the crisp fall evenings in your backyard around a fire pit. By adding an in-ground or above-ground fire pit to your outdoor living space, you can entertain or relax with friends and family throughout the fall months. DIY fire pits can be built using bricks or patio pavers, while ready-made fire inserts can be a stunning addition to a deck or patio. 

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3 Trends in Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

1. Smokeless Fire Pit Inserts

A great trend in backyard fire pits is the smokeless insert. Manufactured by Breeo right here in Lancaster County, these smokeless inserts add oxygen directly to the wood smoke, producing a nearly-smokeless experience for your backyard living space. So, whether you add this to an in-ground fire pit or build an above-ground wood fire pit, you can enjoy it smoke-free.

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2. Clean Burning Fuels

Gone are the days where fire pits only burn wood; modern outdoor fireplaces can use a variety of environmentally-friendly, clean-burning fuels. If your home has natural gas or propane service, your backyard fire pit can be connected by a professional to use this fuel. Ethanol or gels are renewable fuels that are used for luxury designer fireplace elements. All of these cut down or eliminate the smoke, soot, and smells produced by traditional outdoor fire pits.

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3. Artistic & Decorative Elements

Today’s outdoor fire pits can be the focal point of a backyard living space. Fire bowls, column caps, and fire tables can be used as decorative elements for a deck, patio, or entertaining space. And full-fledged fireplaces are being added to pavilions, giving you the comforts of a complete living space – only outside.

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Visit Penn Stone for Inspiration and Ideas for Your Backyard Fire Pit

At Penn Stone, we carry a large selection of fire pits, fire places, and inserts for your backyard. No matter if you are looking to build one yourself or have one installed, stop by our showroom to get ideas and find the perfect fire pit for your outdoor living space.