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Unilock: 2016 Update

Last week, Joe Olszewski from Unilock was here to update us on important changes to their product line for 2016.  In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the  product changes, additions and deletions planned for this season:

Natural Stone: In 2015, Unilock introduced a Natural Stone program, but this program was only available to select dealers.  Numerous changes to Unilock Natural Stone are going into effect for the 2016 season:

  • Unilock Natural Stone is now available to all dealers
  • Unilock is stocking coping and pillar caps
  • All flagstone colors are stocked at our pickup location in New York
  • All coping and step treads are stocked at our pickup location in New York
  • Most popular: Stonecliff Gray, Autumn Harvest, Indian Coast, Prairie Rose, Black River
  • Packaged in full crates of individual sizes, but…
  • Unilock will assemble orders of less-than-pallet quantities of mixed sizes at no charge

Unilock Porcelain Tile: Unilock’s new Porcelain Tile program is also available to all dealers. This product line includes two categories of tile, Del Conca and Caesar:

  • Select Del Conca products are manufactured in Tennessee
  • Other Del Conca products manufactured in Italy
  • Caesar products are manufactured in Italy
  • All products are available in 24” x 24” as a standard size
  • Five colors are available - visit their website to see these colors

Beacon Hill Flagstone:

  • Now available in smooth (this product has always been available, but was formerly known as Europaver)
  • Original and Smooth Beacon Hill Flagstone are now at the same price
  • Only select colors available in smooth
  • Sycamore color has been eliminated for 2016
  • Bavarian color is added for 2016

Estate Wall - Estate wall is now available in 3” and 6” heights!

  • 4” will continue to be produced
  • All sizes include splittable corners
  • Separate corners will be available in 6” only
  • Please note the following coverage rates when constructing Estate Wall:
  • When building a single sided wall and maximizing square footage, you will achieve 24 FF per bundle
  • When installing a double-sided wall, coverage will be closer to 18 FF per bundle
  • 3” and 6” will be available late spring

Rivercrest Wall: Current colors are Buff and Coastal Slate; Gray is eliminated for 2016

Fire Pits: Unilock features many options for fire pits, several of which are extremely affordable

  • Rivercrest: round, 36” inside diameter
  • Brussels: round, 36” inside diameter
  • Brussels Square: square, 29” inside
  • Roman Stack: round, 52” inside diameter


  • Thornbury Permeable is manufactured in New York (Penn Stone ships from New York)
  • Thornbury Standard (Non-permeable) is only made in Canada, and can be transferred to New York
  • Colors will not match between Permeable and Standard
  • We recommend that our customers avoid the Standard, and instead use Permeable for all installations, even when installing over a traditional (non-permeable) base
  • A new color  - Bavarian - is being introduced for 2016


  • A new color is being introduced: French Gray
  • Unilock continues to expand their Random Bundle option, but please note that these pavers are 6cm thick, vs. 7cm for other Umbriano products

Richcliff XL:

  • Several new, larger size are being introduced in Unilock’s Richcliff product: 12” x 36” and 18” x 36”, in 7cm thickness anf 18” x 36”, 4” thick for driveway applications
  • Two new colors will be available in XL products only: Savannah and Smoke Shale


  • Aspen color is changed to Winter Marvel
  • Granada White color is being eliminated
  • Steel Mountain color is being eliminated
  • Artline is now produced in two finishes, distinguished by size:
  • Steel Mountain & Tuscany are produced in Artline finish, and are at the base price
  • Winter Marvel & French Gray are produced in the Umbriano finish;  this is a more durable finish, and comes at a premium price

Series 3000:

  • This product is now available in a random bundle, 6cm only
  • Black Granite color is available in 6x6 and 4x8