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Concrete Pavers and Retaining Wall Systems

Brussels pavers and walls, by Unilock

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Interlocking concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall systems offer beautiful, affordable and functional solutions for creating patios, walkways, driveways and walls.  Concrete pavers are available in a wide array of patterns and colors, and are manufactured to precise dimensions to make installation straightforward whether you’re hiring a professional contractor or planning a do-it-yourself project.  Retaining wall systems are available in a variety of options as well, from simple blocks perfect for short garden walls to high-performance units to build walls over fifty-feet tall.

View the product gallery at right to see selected concrete hardscaping projects, or begin planning the perfect foundation for your outdoor room by visiting Penn Stone where you can explore our built-in displays of concrete paving stones and retaining wall systems.

Ready to start planning and installing your project?  We’re always glad to work with the ambitious do-it-yourselfer or we can furnish a list of professional designers and installers. Our experienced staff can listen to your needs and match you with several choices of professionals to guide you to the perfect completed project.

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