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Current Specials

Below is a list of current special deals at Penn Stone.

EP Henry 2016 Color Transition and Discontinued Products

EP Henry recently announced numerous color changes and discontinued products for the 2016 season, including:

  • Improved versions of their classic colors: Autumn Blend, Dakota Blend, Harvest Blend and Pewter Blend
  • Eliminated colors in their Bristol Stone product line
  • Discontinued products

Penn Stone is offering all transition and discontinued products at 20% off.  Click here to see a recent summary of our current stock.

Versailles Travertine, by Nicolock

We currently have a large quantity of Nicolock's Versailles Travertine in stock.  This is excess material from a project completed earlier this year, and is available at a discounted price.  Our inventory includes:

  • 960 SF Versailles Travertine, French Pattern, in original packaging: $4.00 per SF
  • 1,088 SF Versailles Travertine, French Pattern, previously installed: $3.00 per SF

Contact Ken Wenzel at for more details.

Tahoe Marble

Tahoe Marble is a tumbled blue marble paving product that we have replaced with a new selection from Marmiro Stones.  We currently have over 400 square feet in stock, at a discounted price of $6.00 per square foot.

Teakwood Flagstone

Teakwood is a beautiful flagstone with a wood-grain texture.  We have a partial crate of approximately 125 square feet, $4.00 per square foot (regularly $7.27 per square foot).

Pine Hall City Cobble

Pine Hall Brick developed City Cobble as a clay brick alternative to a classic concrete paver cobblestone pattern.  We have over 400 square feet of these pavers in their Siesta color, $2.50 per square foot (originally $5.37 per square foot).

EP Henry Single-Sided Coventry Wall

All current stock of EP Henry Single Sided Coventry Wall is $12.00 per square foot (originally $20.00 per square foot).

Blue River Steps

Semco Stone recently discontinued Blue River Steps, and all current stock is discounted as follows:

  • 36" Machine Cut Steps, $75 each (originally $117)
  • 36" Sawn Steps, $116 each (originally $182)
  • 48" Machine Cut Steps, $112 each (originally $177)
  • 48" Sawn Steps, $153 each (originally $241)

Blue River Sawn Drywall

Semco Stone recently discontinued Blue River Sawn Drywall, and all current stock is $425 per ton (originally $669)

Blue River Tumbled Edging

Semco Stone recently discontinued Blue River Tumbled Edging, and all current stock is $468 per ton (originally $736)

Weathered Granite Boulders

All Semco Weathered Granite Boulders are $225.00 per ton (originally $407.00 per ton).

Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen Grill, Side Burner and Access Doors

We recently upgraded our outdoor kitchen display and have our previously-installed appliances discounted for quick sale:

  • Fire Magic 36" Echelon Diamond Grill Head, $2,900.00 (originally $6,600.00)
  • Fire Magic Single Side Burner, $200
  • Fire Magic Door and Drawer Combo, $400


Assorted Clay Brick Pavers

During our current renovation, we've removed several installations of clay brick pavers.  These bricks are in great shape, they just have a bit of extra "character".  We have several colors to choose from, all $1.00 per square foot.

Northern Blue

The Northern Blue line of natural stone products is being discontinued by Rolling Rock Building Stone.  All Northern Blue currently in stock is discounted by 30%.  Current inventory items include:

  • 3 pieces 24" x 96" x 2" mantel stock
  • 1 piece 24" x 72" x 2" mantel stock
  • 12 pieces 12" x 72" x 2" mantel stock
  • 7 piece 16" x 48" x 6" heavy treads

Irregular Flagstone

We've also replaced several built-in displays of irregular flagstone, and this previously-installed material is available at discounted prices, starting at $1.50 per square foot.

Other Natural Landscape Stone Products

Select natural stone items, including boulders, steps and slabs, are discounted as part of our fall clearance.  Stop in to take a look!

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